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Black is Beautiful

Duscherlebnis mit XXL-Fliesen

Here’s a story told to the children of Africa
We love the children of Africa
Teaching the children
Oh, na-na-na-na
La da da da
Black eye, black hair, black skin
Black queen stand majestic with the black king
Today I’ll sing you a black song
You need to hear about beautiful black things ‚cause
Most time we hear about black, we hear about black magic and black witches
Black list, black book, black market
Black Friday, ya spend off your black riches
I’ve never seen a doctor in black
Nor seen a black pill fi cure no black people
But I’ve seen bush doctors like Tosh and Marley
Resurrect like a real black beatle
Malcom, Marcus, Martin
When you see Walter Rodney ask him
How you nuh hear about Howell often
So when the likkle offspring asking, tell them
They never told…